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  • Full compatibility with any consistent system of units (Metric, Imperial, etc) - No limitations on units
  • 2 Degrees Of Freedom (DOFs) per Node (X-, Y-Displacements)
  • Analysis of 2D Trusses
  • Built-in Section Properties Calculator for most standard sections
  • Any type of constraints (DX, DY) and Springs
  • Nodal Loads (FX, FY)
  • Body (Acceleration) Loads (e.g. Gravity - Self Weight). These loads are distributed as point loads to the nodes of the element


  • Node X- and Y-Displacements
  • Element Forces and Stresses
  • Support Reactions
  • Full analysis report in Rich Text Format (RTF) containing all the above results plus the four pictures (Model, Axial Force Diagram, Deformation and Free Body Diagram)
  • Full self-validation of the Analysis results (Sum of FX, FY Forces, Sum of Bending Moments should be all zero)
    • Global (Model) Equilibrium check
    • Individual Element Equilibrium check


  • Easily editable (with a text editor such as Notepad) .tr2d input file
  • Modern, easy-to-use and powerful Graphical User Interface for Pre- and Post-Processing (Zoom, Pan features, Mouse middle button and wheel support)
  • Import of DXF Drawings as Analysis Models
  • Drawing of diagrams with automatic scaling support and showing intermediate values on screen.
    • Axial Force diagram (N)
  • Drawing of the Model Deformation with automatic scaling support and showing intermediate deformation values on screen.
  • Drawing of the Free Body Diagram (F) picture which shows the Model, all the forces (external forces and support reactions) and the Model equilibrium.

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