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EngiLab Beam.2D 2018 v2.5
Release: May 10, 2018

The new features include the following:

  • There was a mistake in the program's help file, in the "System of Units" page, that was corrected. The Steel Density (US Unit (in)) is now given as 7.34544493×10-4 blob/in3 (lbf·s2/in4) which is the correct value
  • Quick way to save a full analysis report (in the results section, "Full Report (RTF)" tab), with Ctrl+S. Report files are now automatically named based on the model file name as ”FileName – Report.rtf”
  • A major bug was fixed: When using the "Import materials/sections tool", the filename of the file was changed and as a result when saving the model, the model would be saved on the imported file.
  • The setup package is now digitally signed by EngiLab using a code signing certificate 
  • Other minor bug fixes and improvements.


EngiLab Beam.2D 2015 v2.2
Release: May 4, 2015

The new features include the following:

  • New Free Body Diagram (FBD, or F) picture which shows the Model, all the forces (external forces and support reactions) and the Model equilibrium
  • The Full Report (in RTF format) now includes also all the 6 pictures (Model, N, V, M, Deformation and Free Body Diagram)
  • Import Materials and/or Sections from a Beam.2D (bea) input file
  • Settings are now shown at the right of the drawing, providing better usability and user experience
  • Font size selection for the drawings
  • The zero points (N=0, V=0 or M=0) are now shown on the N, V, M diagrams
  • Convert Model to Truss with one click
  • Nodal forces (FX, FY) can now be defined in Polar coordinates (R, θ)
  • Better representation of elemental (uniform) loads: Now the value is shown at the center of the Element, if the value is the same along the element
  • New right click options. On Nodes: Properties, Delete, on Nodal Loads: Properties, Delete, on Elements: Properties, Reverse Ends, Delete, on Elemental Loads: Properties, Delete
  • Deformation magnification factor is now shown on screen (for example x10)
  • New setting for Nodal Loads and Support Reactions graphical representation: View the FX, FY Vector components or the Resultant force (ΣF)
  • New ability to right click on a selected row in a table (Materials, Sections, Nodes, Elements, Nodal loads, Elemental loads) and then click "Delete"
  • Keyboard shortcuts are fixed and now working fine (ESC, F3 for SnapNode, F7 for Grid, F9 for Snap, Ctrl+C for copy picture, Ctrl+Z for Undo, Ctrl+Y for Redo)
  • A bug having to do with computer memory issues (which made the application crash under some circumstances) was fixed
  • Improved graphics
  • New, improved help file
  • Other minor bug fixes and improvements.


EngiLab Beam.2D 2014 v2.0
Release: Oct. 11, 2013

This is a major software update. The program is now based on .NET Framework 4. The philosophy of the new program is based on the previous version but in fact it is a brand new release, written 100% from scratch. The new features include the following:

  • Modern, easy-to-use and powerful Graphical User Interface for Pre- and Post-Processing (Zoom, Pan features, Mouse middle button and wheel support)
  • More smooth graphics, graphical objects filled with color with transparency
  • Editable input file in text
  • Built-in Section Properties Calculator for most standard sections
  • Support for Trapezoidal and Triangular Loads along Elements (previously only Uniform Loads were supported)
  • Body (Acceleration) Loads (e.g. Gravity - Self Weight)
  • Full analysis report in Rich Text Format (RTF) containing all the results
  • Full validation of the Analysis results (Sum of FX, FY Forces, Sum of Bending Moments should be all zero): Global (Model) Equilibrium check, Individual Element Equilibrium check
  • Import of DXF Drawings as Analysis Models
  • Showing intermediate values on screen for the NVM Diagrams. Automatic scaling of Diagrams.
  • Showing intermediate values on screen for deformation. Automatic scaling of Deformation.

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