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EngiLab Beam.2D uses the Finite Element Method (FEM) to analyze the Model. According to FEM, displacements are computed only for Nodes. Loads within elements (elemental loads) are distributed to the connecting Nodes and the analysis results give the Node Displacements vector (displacements at the positions of the Nodes). Calculating the intermediate displacements within elements and drawing accurately the deformed shape of the model is not an easy task, especially for cases of Elements with Hinges and linear varying loads on. EngiLab Beam.2D uses special computational techniques that give 100% accurate results without any approximations, even for the displacements along an element.

After setting up the model and analyzing it (Clicking the 'Analyze' button RunAnalysis) you can click Deformation3 to see the deformed shape of the Model.

Deformation3: Deformation


Note: Deformation values are given also on screen, if the mouse pointer moves over an element. The values that are given on screen are the x and y displacements of the corresponding point of each element. These are given in Local Element Axes, not Global axes.